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Button.pngOur Economic Future coalition is a broad-based, statewide coalition of organizations and individuals committed to promoting opportunity, economic recovery, and future prosperity through responsible budgeting for Washington state.

The economic recession has already caused billions of dollars in cuts to state programs that protect the health and safety of our communities. If we continue to layoff teachers, raise college tuition and drop health care for kids and seniors, we are not only hurting our families, our community and our economy, but we are also jeopardizing our future.

Health Care: When our children can't get regular check-ups because they've lost their health insurance, they will end up in the emergency room and drive up costs for everyone. That's why we voted to approve the Basic Health Plan by an overwhelming majority. Now this model program could be eliminated entirely due to the unprecedented funding shortage caused by the recession.

Seniors: Cuts to home health care will force fragile seniors - our parents and grandparents - to move into more expensive nursing homes. Our seniors deserve respect, and they should be allowed to live with dignity in the peace and comfort of their own home. They've earned it.

Education: Washington students should have an equal opportunity to succeed. Students who are less prepared for college and less able to afford college will be less competitive in the job market and less able to get a good paying job. A less educated workforce hurts our economic recovery. During these difficult times, we need to invest in higher education so that our children will have the knowledge and skills to compete.

Environment: We all want healthy and safe communities to live, play, and raise a family in. We also know that Washington's natural beauty and quality of life attracts good paying jobs to our communities. That's why we can't abandon efforts to protect the air we breathe and the water we drink, or to clean up toxic waste in our communities.

Lifelines: Our state programs are designed to help families struggling with the recession, but round after round of budget cuts means we are turning away thousands of people. For many families, these programs provide a lifeline while they look for work or care for a sick family member. It doesn't make sense to cut these vital services right now when we need them most.

Kids: Every child in Washington deserves to grow up in a safe and loving home. Deeper cuts to foster homes will deny thousands of kids in our communities the tools and opportunities to succeed. If we break our promises to future generations now, we will all pay the price for years to come through a weaker economy, higher crime rates, and higher costs for public safety.

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Public Schools and Health Care are Threatened by Huge Tax Breaks and Loopholes: Call Legislators at 877-987-6006 and tell them to put our kids and communities first.

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